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CanDo Therapy Putty
CanDo Therapy Putty

CanDo Theraputty hand exercise material is the standard in resistive hand exercise material.

Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft (Tan) for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm (Black) for developing a stronger grip.

CanDo Theraputty material is gluten, latex and casein free.

Cando Theraputty Hand Exercise Putty provides a continuously resistive hand exercise for the rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, tendon injuries, fractures and arthritis. It is a very good rehabilitation after stroke.

Theraputty offers a consistency range from xx-soft to extra-firm. We offer 2 sizes of putty, 100gm and 450gm, however customised sizes can be tailor made according to your needs.

Cando Therapeutic Putty is ideal for hand exercise and rehabilitation alone or in use with the Putty Tool Set - See related products below.

Medical Device Authority (MDA) Registration No. : GA4594223-137965

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