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CanDo® Theraputty® 100gm
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Brand CanDo US
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  • CanDo® Theraputty® are packed in container each with 3.5oz (100gm)
  • Industry standard resistances
  • Squeeze, pinch, stretch or twist the TheraPutty to strengthen hand muscles, improve fine motor skills, and decrease stress
  • DO NOT DRY, the silicone putty is durable and able to withstand extensive use without graining or seeping
  • Sold in convenient easy-to-open containers
  • Imported directly from the US, CanDo TheraPutty (As sold in Amazon.com)
  • Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented


About the CanDo® Theraputty® brands:

CanDo® Theraputty® hand exercise material is used by therapists to develop and maintain grip strength since the 1980s. Many of you who have received therapy after a hand injury have probably used TheraPutty® material.

CanDo® Theraputty® material is manufactured in the USA and carries the CE mark for sale outside the USA.

CanDo® Theraputty® material – is made from a silicone polymer and is gluten, latex, nuts, egg and soy free. Also available in glitter formulas.

CanDo® Theraputty® hand exercise material is the standard in resistive hand exercise material.

Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm for developing a stronger grip.

Available in convenient easy-to-open plastic containers (100gm) for individual patients to use at home and a choice of larger containers (5 pound) for the hospital or clinic.

CanDo® Theraputty® material is gluten, latex and casein free.

Benefits of TheraPutty® for Hand Therapy:
People use their hands for almost everything. As such, the results of a hand injury can be devastating.  Fortunately, there are various hand therapy treatments to get those hands working again. Whether you are a patient recovering from surgery or someone with mobility limitations, one tool hand therapists choose to increase hand range-of-motion is TheraPutty®.

TheraPutty® delivers a simple, effective resistance based training routine which helps to develop a strong, capable grip. 

TheraPutty® provides significant benefits after hand and finger surgery. Its silicone-based material can be used as part of many hand strengthening programs. After surgery, hand therapists will recommend activities such as the three-point and lateral pinch exercises.

Doing these exercises over time will gradually increase hand range-of-motion. In addition to post-surgery rehabilitation, TheraPutty® exercises can significantly benefit patients with temporary or chronic mobility limitations in their hands such as arthritis.

With TheraPutty® patients can progressively exercise. This exercise putty comes in several color-coded resistance levels. The standardized color-coding system starts with tan which is the softest resistance. This resistance is perfect for people in the beginning stages of rehabilitation.

The resistance levels move all the way up to black, which is an extra heavy resistance. This resistance is best for athletes or people with strong hand strength.

Theraputty has been a favorite of Occupational Therapists for years. Children enjoy developing their fine motor skills working with different resistance levels. This non oily, brightly colored, non-toxic, non-sticky putty is fun to mold and stretch, hide coins or small toys and play hide and seek!

Our TheraPutty® comes in its own plastic container of 100gm each. A must have for any therapy room or for a person needing help developing the fine motor muscles in hands and fingers.


Our color-coded putty: 

Theraputty® Tan - Extra Extra Soft Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented Packed in container each with (100gm)


Theraputty® Yellow - Extra Soft Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented Packed in container each with (100gm)


Theraputty® Red - Soft Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented

Packed in container each with (100gm)


Theraputty® Green - Medium Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented Packed in container each with (100gm)


Theraputty® Blue - Firm Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented Packed in container each with (100gm)


Theraputty® Black - Very Firm Putty is non-toxic, latex free and unscented Packed in container each with (100gm)


Effective Hand Therapy Putty Exercises:
So if you want to improve hand function after stroke, aim to practice a high number of repetitions of hand therapy exercises, like these putty exercises.

Also, consistency is often more important than pushing your rep count super high.

You will see better results if you practice 10x reps daily than 100 reps only once a week. Your brain needs consistent stimulation to relearn hand motor skills fastest.


Now, let’s exercise:



Effective Therapy Putty Exercises:
1. Finger Scissors ~ Roll your putty into a ball and squeeze it between your fingers.

2. Fingertip Pinch ~ Take your rolled up putty and pinch it using your thumb and fingertips.

3. Power Grip ~ Grab your putty and squeeze all your fingers into it.

4. Flat Pinch ~ Use your straightened fingers to pinch the putty down into your thumb.

5. Finger Spread ~ Take your putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around two fingers to form a donut shape. Then spread your fingers apart.

6. Finger Extension ~ Take your putty and stretch it out. Then bend one of your fingers to make a hook and wrap the putty around the back of your finger. Once you’re set up, straighten your finger using the putty as resistance.

7. Finger Spread ~ Take the putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around your hand in a donut shape while keeping your fingers together. Then spread your fingers out to stretch the putty out.

8. Full Grip ~ Take the putty and form it into a ball and squeeze down, pressing your fingers into your palm.


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