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Weighted Lap Pad
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  • Self regulate and calm down
  • Focus better
  • Stay seated longer
  • Transition more smoothly between activities or tasks

Weighted Lap / Shoulder Pad ~ Helping Kids Calm Down & Focus

Highly recommended for ADHD/ADD/SPD/GDD/AUTISM/Sensory needs individuals




The weighted lap / shoulder pad is a popular sensory aid that help many children/teens calm down and focus better, both at home and in the classroom.


Applies gentle, therapeutic deep touch on the legs of a child/teens, whilst in a seated position. Not recommended for children under the age of 3


Quality fabric with minky texture

What is in the sealed pack:

1 x lap pad


50cm x 76cm

Weight:  2kg


Similar to a weighted blanket, but smaller, a weighted lap pad is a sensory tool that applies gentle, therapeutic deep touch on the legs of a child, whilst in a seated position.

Often used to help children calm down and focus better, weighted lap pads usually resemble a small padded blanket or pillow, filled with a weighted element – most commonly small beads or plastic pellets.

As well as a ‘standard’ weighted lap pad, you can also get weighted lap pads with fidgets (for extra tactile exploration) or even a weighted lap buddy, a kind of weighted soft toy for younger children.
Does your child struggle to sit still at mealtimes or focus at school?

Weighted lap pads for kids are an increasingly popular sensory aid that help many children calm down and focus better, both at home and in the classroom. 

Below we’ll look at how weighted lap pads work, the benefits they hold for many children and some popular weighted lap pad options used by parents, schools and therapists. 


Improves sustained attention Perfect lap size and shoulder size


Making bedtime easier Soothing sensory with Minky dot fabirc - Extra sensory input

Many kids with autism, attention deficit and sensory processing disorders struggle with body awareness and find it hard to sense the position and movement of their body in relation to their surroundings (often termed proprioception). You may recognise this in your child as clumsiness, self stimulating behaviours such as rocking or fidgeting or an intense need for lots of running, jumping or rough play.

Research has found that the therapeutic deep touch of weighted items, such as weighted blankets, vests and lap pads helps helps stimulate the proprioceptive system. This can have a powerful calming, grounding and organising effect on the nervous system and body.

Specifically, weighted lap pads may help children to:
~ Self regulate and calm down
~ Focus better
~ Stay seated longer
~ Transition more smoothly between activities or tasks

Weighted lap pads are not usually recommended for children under the age of 3, plus a child should always be able to move a lap pad off their legs unaided. If unsure, always consult an occupational therapist or doctor.

Keep in mind as well, weighted lap pads aren’t designed to be used all day long, but rather for short periods when a child may need to calm down or focus better. 

Examples might include:
~ During mealtimes
~ During car or plane trips
~ During trips to the dentist
~ Before bed
~ At school to help a child transition better between a high energy activity to a calmer, desk or carpet based one.

Many kids take to a weighted lap pad immediately, whilst others may take a little longer. Some children, however, simply don’t like them. So it’s always best to let your child guide you.

In terms of some ‘general’ pointers, sensory seeking children who crave extra stimulation in the form of hugs or heavy blankets, often find the gentle pressure of a weighted lap pad very calming and grounding. Children, who are very sensitive to touch and seek to avoid it, however, may find a weighted lap pad over stimulating.

If you have a sensory seeking child, this sensory weighted lap pad, from us, is a popular choice with parents, teachers and therapists. We produce some amazing, high quality products, for children with special needs, and their lap pads contain extra stitched ‘pockets’ to help ensure it doesn’t slip off your child’s lap.

Made from soft, tactile Minky Dot fabric, our lap pad is an excellent calming fidget tool for use in the classroom, therapy room or at home. 

Filled with plastic pellets, the lap pad is double stitched for extra ‘kiddie’ durability and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

How to care:

Washing instructions recommend machine to be inserted into a laundry bag or hand wash with cold water and then low heat tumble or hang dry. Fabric softener is not recommended.

Most commonly used by children (or adults) with sensory processing/attention deficit disorders, autism or anxiety, weighted lap pads have a calming, grounding effect on many children, aiding mood regulation and often improving focus.

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